Risks of Sauna and ways to counter

Risks of Sauna

Benefits of Sauna are well-known. But what about the risks it poses? It is real friends, saunas can cause death. The biggest risk of Sauna is dehydration. It is relaxing but lots of sweating comes with the risk of losing too much water. Generally it is teamed up with exercise at the gym and there lies the risk. Sauna after exercise means that you will lose more water from your already dehydrated body. The way to counter it is to have a good amount of water before Sauna and after the exercise. But do not drink just after the exercise. Let the body cool down for 10 minutes and then indulge in the exotic Sauna bath

Heat stroke is also a threat. Spending more than 15 minutes can raise the surface temperature which can be harmful in many ways. Our body is naturally designed to keep cool and heating might imbalance the natural; thermostat. Feeling dizzy after Sauna is very common, and to counter that you should take a cool shower after. This will help balance the temperature and decrease the risk of overheating of the body. Also keep the visit to Sauna limited to 2 or three times a week.

Another very useful way of using Sauna is just before the exercise routine. It raises the body temperature, reducing the pre workout exercises. Pregnant women and heart patients should consult their physician before indulging. A real good way to relax the body but take the extra caution to avoid the harms it can cause to the body.