Extreme weight loss – Mind your drinking too

Extreme weight loss

Obesity is not less than an epidemic today. Most of the people are aware of the ill-effects of being overweight and want to shed off those extra pounds they carry. Extreme weight loss is not only about what you eat but it is also about what you drink. It is not easy to give up soft drinks, energy drinks, juices which are so popular and in part a habit in people’s every day meals, but without changing these habits, fast and extreme weight loss is not possible. These drinks are high in sugar and thus have loads of carbohydrates. So if you don’t want to put up those extra pounds make sure you give up on the branded and full of calorie drinks. The best way is to check on the nutritional information of the drinks or to avoid the sugar in any drinks you intake. Some drinks that you MUST consume while you watch your weight are water, vegetable juices, green tea, skim milk, and other natural teas. Always remember to drink plenty of water when using a sauna, never sugary drinks. The sweating will only concentrate the sugary content and continue to do so for over an hour later or you will find yourself with a headache. You could though substitute a green or herbal tea.