A5 Spas: A Decade of Great Home Saunas in the UK

Home saunas in the UK are popular

Saunas have a history going back thousands of years and across different cultures. Nordic countries, in particular, have a well-established sauna tradition and indeed most family homes in this region have their own sauna! The word sauna is in fact derived from Finnish. In Central America sweat lodges are an ancient part of indigenous culture, while the Romans used a “caldarium”, similar to a sauna, in their public baths.

Architectural evidence of these has been found in the UK. However, relatively speaking, saunas in the UK as a commonplace activity are a recent phenomenon. Nowadays, we appreciate the profound sense of relaxation and wellbeing that comes with taking a sauna, not to mention the health benefits. Anyone visiting a high-end gym, hotel or spa expects a sauna as a matter of course. It is not surprising that more and more people are deciding to add a sauna to their home as a way to incorporate this healthy and pleasant activity into daily life, entertain guests and increase the value of their property.

The 10th anniversary of A5 Spas marks a decade of success for this family run company with outlets in London, Warwickshire, and Lincolnshire. A5 Spas offer the latest technology (including infrared and traditional varieties) at a reasonable cost. What’s more, they will work with you to fit the sauna into the smallest corner of your house! They are truly one of the best suppliers of home saunas in the UK.


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