Infrared sauna – Is it good for health?

Our bodies may well have the means to deal with and get rid of toxins, but sometimes we want to help it a bit. The infrared sauna is a quick, useful way to detox, but how safe is it, especially since the sauna is used extensively in Europe. Is the infrared sauna trend actually safe? There are quite a number of celebrities who use infrared sauna and vouch for its safety, but do they know enough? The infrared rays penetrate your skin so that you start to sweat, and this is what releases toxins from the body. Instead of the air being heated like with a traditional sauna, your body temperature rises which is more comfortable, allowing you to stay in for at least 30 minutes if you like, 15 minutes longer than with a traditional sauna. Dermatologists tell us that this sauna actually has many health benefits and is perfectly safe to use, so that even doctors are recognizing its benefits. The only warning there is for these saunas is drink enough water!

Infrared sauna