About me

Ok, stop right now if you think this blog is going to be smutty or naughty, this is a somehwat serious blog about saunas, not an old man’s fantasy blog about busty Europeans running around naked!!!

So, hi, I’m Fern Winter, well it’s not my real name, but I think it sounds great for someone who likes saunas – and I love saunas! I moved to Germany when I was 22, over there saunas are taking seriously as a real pastime, whole families spending a day getting some warmth into their bones and relaxing. Coming from the UK I was of course a bit shocked by it all and didn’t know how to cope at first, but I soon fell in love with the culture, and as I travelled around I saw how different countries had their own different practices around saunas.

So. here is my blog to convince other Brits that saunas aren’t smutty or scary, just great places to relax.


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