Risks of Sauna and ways to counter

Risks of Sauna

Benefits of Sauna are well-known. But what about the risks it poses? It is real friends, saunas can cause death. The biggest risk of Sauna is dehydration. It is relaxing but lots of sweating comes with the risk of losing too much water. Generally it is teamed up with exercise at the gym and there lies the risk. Sauna after exercise means that you will lose more water from your already dehydrated body. The way to counter it is to have a good amount of water before Sauna and after the exercise. But do not drink just after the exercise. Let the body cool down for 10 minutes and then indulge in the exotic Sauna bath

Heat stroke is also a threat. Spending more than 15 minutes can raise the surface temperature which can be harmful in many ways. Our body is naturally designed to keep cool and heating might imbalance the natural; thermostat. Feeling dizzy after Sauna is very common, and to counter that you should take a cool shower after. This will help balance the temperature and decrease the risk of overheating of the body. Also keep the visit to Sauna limited to 2 or three times a week.

Another very useful way of using Sauna is just before the exercise routine. It raises the body temperature, reducing the pre workout exercises. Pregnant women and heart patients should consult their physician before indulging. A real good way to relax the body but take the extra caution to avoid the harms it can cause to the body.


New to the Sauna Experience – Start off with just 20 Minutes

I’m always looking for ways towards better health – ways that are safe and which tackle some of the ailments that we all suffer with, such as toxins. I love visiting saunas, as I’ve said many times, but I always tell people who are trying it for the first time to take a friend along, particularly if you have any kind of health condition. If you are new to the sauna experience, my advice to you would be don’t spender longer than 20 minutes in a near infrared lamp sauna. It goes without saying that something new to you should be approached with caution.
Saunas starting slow
Start with just your 20 minutes. Some people love the sauna and want to spend far longer in it, but don’t do this for your first visits because it simply causes too many reactions.  After a couple of weeks, you can slowly increase to 30 or 40 minutes.   Drink fresh spring water before your sauna session to replace all those minerals you’ll lose in sweating. If you’re with a friend and you’re feeling a bit faint, your face turns red or your heart starts racing, these are indications of overheating and its time to exit the sauna and to have a shower. The point I’m trying to make is sauna’s are massively tempting, but if you’re a newbie, just be cautious at first.

Awesome Music and Visuals with a Glacier Sauna

As you all readers know, I love travelling and I love saunas. I must say that I consider myself very fortunate that I have been able to travel considerably. And when I am travelling, I’ve made it a mission to check out the different sauna experiences available wherever I am. Even though the basic theme about sauna remains same, no matter the city/country, but still each sauna has something unique, which makes it different from the others.

Have you heard of an Alpine herbal pasture, a new kind of sauna experience to me I must say. I was staying at the Alpenrose Hotel in Switzerland, and the sauna log cabin in the hotel garden is a super place for rest and relaxation.
What is so amazingly special is that with an infusion treatment, you get a glacier ice infusion which starts off with a mountain pine rock oil lotion followed by a cold shower and sauna. Your sweat glands are activated with an ice rub, while all the time visual and musical effects are playing. There is far more to it than I am able to add here but I remember the sauna experience being finished off with delightful jojoba oil and wheat beer…a whole new sauna experience for me!

So if you are in Swiss next time for a vacation, don’t forget to visit Sauna at Alpenrose Hotel in Switzerland. You won’t regret it. 🙂

Lot of Information on Saunas and How you can Unwind Your Soul

A person’s lifestyle, mind-set and energy sources will often influence the path they choose to health but many people are choosing saunas after getting advice from someone who can give a first-hand account of their positive experience with Far Infrared Saunas (FIR). There is a lot of information on saunas and the fact that these saunas have been researched and endorsed by leading organizations such as Mayo Clinic, professional sports teams as well as the World Health Organization among others, gives you an idea of the effectiveness of this treatment. Find them expensive, try quick loans companies like ferratum.co.uk

Saunas Need to be Part of our Lifestyle

Today many people include a sauna in their home as part of their lifestyle, relying on it to keep them healthy. Today an infra-red sauna is hardly seen as a luxury item, and with its ability to cleanse the body of toxins and to bring peace and relaxation to the mind, it is seen as a necessity for bringing healing to the body and mind.

You get Far-Infrared Saunas and Near Infrared Saunas but studies reveal that the near infrared saunas do not become as hot. People who have shopped far and wide to find the best saunas with the most health benefits say that it best to invest in an infrared sauna made from cedar wood and that the best heating element is a ceramic infrared heater which works by heating a ceramic rod.

Why Infrared over Traditional?

People want to know why they should choose an infrared sauna over a traditional one and the answer to this is that you sweat more which uses up more calories and the heat of the infrared sauna penetrates deeper for deeper effects.

Unlike ultraviolet light when you lie tanning on the beach and which is harmful, with infrared heat you can be exposed to it for hours and it won’t burn your skin. Safe and healthy to use, the far infrared found in your sauna actually increases the body’s own infrared energy levels and this boost is what increases the natural detoxification system.

custom saunas

The fact that research shows that the detoxification potential of a far infrared sauna is as much as 3 times greater than a traditional sauna has simply increased its popularity. Cellulite and weight is a problem many people deal with and despair over, and profuse sweating helps rid the body of toxins which is causing this problem in the first place. Weight loss , assistance with many skin problems such as acne and psoriasis, dealing with muscle and joint pain and the relieving of stress are just some of the many benefits of an infrared sauna.

Return your Balance of Energy

Want to relax your body and return the balance of energy in your body? Far infrared saunas are essential if you want to find a natural, healthy way to assist with lifestyle pressures and enjoy the protection the sauna provides.

Understand Spa Etiquette

Sauna Experiences to Make Your Day

German spa culture may well be an adopted tradition taken from the Romans, but Germany today has developed a spa culture. Since my arrival in German, I’ve discovered that German spas aren’t just the regular saunas and mineral baths, but there are actually important distinctions. Some use healing techniques such as salt water, others hydrotherapeutic healing methods or thermal baths which are great for just purely leisure purposes. Whether your focus is health or fun in German, you’ll find the experience you want.

You’ve got to pay attention to spa etiquette in Germany, but don’t stress. I did at first but discovered that it’s not all about being starkers in German saunas. In saunas and steam baths, it is mostly a towel only affair or freie kürper kur. If you are embarrassed to bearing all, don’t be because I’ve discovered Europeans have a very casual attitude towards nudity. Showering before you enter the sauna is expected. Yip, I discovered you hang up your bathing suit to enter the towel only area.

I have lived in Germany for a while now…and although most saunas are mixed, catering to both men and women, there are those that cater for women only. In fact, look around and do research because sweating it out in steam rooms and saunas in Germany offers a host of different experiences. The one sauna I was at had rest rooms to relax in afterwards. You wrap yourself in a gown and lie back in tilted chairs. I had some coffee, wine and salads while relaxing – whatever you fancy really. I love the sauna culture in Germany…check the saunas out and find the one that suits you and discover why Germans have embraced the spa culture with such enjoyment.

Korean Saunas, aka “Jjimjilbangs”

Try to hold in all of your little schoolgirl giggles, because today I want to open your eyes to the Korean world of saunas. As I told you before, I love saunas, and I’m not the only one! There are cultures all around the world that have saunas and bathhouses engrained into their culture, just as us Brits have football. So here we move onto a Korean sauna, or jjimjilbang.

Korean Saunas

Korean culture is very communal, where they live together with many people from the family under one roof, so they hold little shame when it comes to walking around in the buff. Korean saunas are usually split up by gender, and sometimes have a clothed common area, where one can take a break from their sauna activities, have a chat and perhaps a snack with some tea. There are even places to nap, and sometimes you can find fitness clubs or Internet café.

Most Korean saunas are located indoors. They typically have a large, enclosed, open area with numerous pools ranging in size (keep it clean people!) and temperature. Koreans feel that it is good for one’s health to drastically change the temperature of the body to fight off illness. So you will see naked sauna goers moving from one hot pool to a cold pool to a boiling hot pool to a frigidly cold pool. They also typically have rooms off to the side for a dry heat room and a separate steam room. Additional services and amenities can be purchased, such as shower shoes, massages (while covered with a towel) and shampoo.

German relaxation

So, I’m going to start with Germany as this is where I first got into saunas, and I think it’s still a great place.

Germans take saunas as seriously as they take anything generally, with subtle humour and a love of knowing the rules (how else can you break them!) Take a little time to get to know German sauna etiquette and you’ll have a great time, as Germany is full of saunas of all types, and here relaxation or, as they call it, wellness is serious business.

German saunas are a great place to relax

My absolute favourite sauna, and one that I think is perfect for sauna-novices is in Cologne.The Claudius Therme Cologne is at the high end of saunas for Germans without being too fussy. This is a great starting of point for a Brit, as there are clear clothing and non-clothing areas – rare in Germany. Of course as soon as you go near the sauna itself it is clothing off, but here you can swim and sunbake with your swimmers on. They rent everything you need, have great food facilities and are centrally located (don’t be put-off by the cable car passing overhead), so it’s perfect for visitors to spend an afternoon. But, you’ll want to spend more than a few hours here I can assure you, regardless of summer or winter, to take in the indoor/outdoor swim through pool, the multiple saunas (including a women only) and other treatments such as massage.

Of course, if you’re looking for a cheaper option check out the local council swimming halls (such as KölnBäder ) which offer a great alternative.

A beginners guide…

saunas are great when you know the etiquette

So, to the average Brit mention a European sauna and they fall about in fits of giggles, or are just totally shocked imagining god knows what…to us Saunas are maybe somewhere we would spend 10 minutes at the end of other exercise if we’re lucky enough to belong to some swanky health club, with swimmers on and towels wrapper tightly. What surprises me is I still read feedback in places like Tripadvisor from Brits or American commenting how such and such sauna in such and such foreign land was just great, except ‘WARNING’ the people are (gasp) naked!!!!

Many countries have a great sauna culture, it is an integral part of the activities for lots of people, although each country approaches it with slightly different practices. If you are visiting a country with a sauna culture, I urge you to spend 10 minutes googling the local practices, and go in with an open mind – it could be the most relaxing authentic thing you do on your trip, and a great way to meet locals.

Things to be aware of are:

– many countries split their saunas according to sex, males go in one area, females in another, or alternate days for males/females – check this out on the sauna website.

– look into what you may need/want at the sauna, just because you may have no clothes on, doesn’t mean you don’t need other things like towels (full length sauna towels), sandals or dressing gowns. If your going to a big touristy sauna you may be able to hire things.

– eating and drinking. For some, saunas are big day trip, with eating and drinking in between. The Russians are fond of vodka, the Swedes think pouring beer over the coals brings a nice aroma. In other countries this would be looked on with disgust.

– there are places within the sauna where you may need to cover up ,just because its naked in the sauna doesn’t mean you run around everywhere in the buff

Do a little bit of research and you’ll have a much less daunting time.