Understand Spa Etiquette

Sauna Experiences to Make Your Day

German spa culture may well be an adopted tradition taken from the Romans, but Germany today has developed a spa culture. Since my arrival in German, I’ve discovered that German spas aren’t just the regular saunas and mineral baths, but there are actually important distinctions. Some use healing techniques such as salt water, others hydrotherapeutic healing methods or thermal baths which are great for just purely leisure purposes. Whether your focus is health or fun in German, you’ll find the experience you want.

You’ve got to pay attention to spa etiquette in Germany, but don’t stress. I did at first but discovered that it’s not all about being starkers in German saunas. In saunas and steam baths, it is mostly a towel only affair or freie k├╝rper kur. If you are embarrassed to bearing all, don’t be because I’ve discovered Europeans have a very casual attitude towards nudity. Showering before you enter the sauna is expected. Yip, I discovered you hang up your bathing suit to enter the towel only area.

I have lived in Germany for a while now…and although most saunas are mixed, catering to both men and women, there are those that cater for women only. In fact, look around and do research because sweating it out in steam rooms and saunas in Germany offers a host of different experiences. The one sauna I was at had rest rooms to relax in afterwards. You wrap yourself in a gown and lie back in tilted chairs. I had some coffee, wine and salads while relaxing – whatever you fancy really. I love the sauna culture in Germany…check the saunas out and find the one that suits you and discover why Germans have embraced the spa culture with such enjoyment.